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Where are we currently engaged ?


Regularly, you ask us where we are currently engaged, come and visit the reality of the field …



Opened in 2015, the Bongde Institute of Hospitality and Tourism is now autonomous and offering quality hospitality training for disadvantaged youth. Still, there is a need of scholarships for about 10-20 students per year. Each scholarship cost $500.-.



The Bodhgaya Hotel-School opened in November 2017 in Bihar, the poorest State of India. Few students are already trained in order to meet the needs of the growing hotel industry. In 2018, the complete training programme will be implement with more students.




In Kathmandu, the existing Rokpa Guesthouse will be scaled up and a training programme will be implemented to become the Rokpa Hotel-School in Spring 2018.



This project just started and is a bit different as it is not exactly a school. We train Master Trainers who will have an impact directly on the industry. It is a project of Tailored Values  and EHLsmile


20 years later EHLsmile is still working with PSE. EHLsmile sends and finances trainees from EHL

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